Experi-Metal Inc. Wins Statewide Award

Detroit Wellness AwardIn an awards ceremony on October 2, 2014, Experi-Metal Inc. was named the Best of the Best Medium Business in Michigan Best & Brightest in Wellness 2014 Elite Award Winner. The award was co-presented by the Michigan Business and Professional Association, Michigan Food and Beverage Association, Corp! Magazine and Wellco. Nominated companies were thoroughly examined based upon eight criteria to benchmark and improve wellness program effectiveness: policies, environment, leadership, awareness-motivation, assessment-intervention, incentives-integration, measurement and healthcare costs.

CEO Valiena A. Allison says she considers wellness at Experi-Metal to be all encompassing, one reason the firm addresses each component, including body, mind and soul. “We brought in a yoga instructor to provide classes on site to give employees the opportunity to achieve and maintain good physical and mental health and spiritual harmony,” says Allison. “We bring in a different speaker each quarter for a lunch and learn session and talk about ways to have a strong and healthy body through nutrition and exercise.” Experi-Metal also offers the services of a financial planner, who comes on site every month to help employees gain peace of mind regarding their financial future.

The company also encourages employees to give back to the community through a once-quarterly outing to Gleaners. “We strongly believe that when you give back it is good for the soul,” says Allison. The CEO also believes the key to engagement is education and action. “We provide information via company bulletin boards, newsletters, pay stubs, etc. and then our Wellness Committee members reinforce the message to team members and show ways to apply it to their lives.” Allison is a strong proponent of Best and Brighest Wellness Awardhealthy living and is seen to be a cheerleader for the team. When it comes to health care coverage, the company’s approach has always been, and continues to be, providing the best possible coverage at affordable rates to help employees maximize their benefits.