Experi-Metal Receives Tesla 2014 Award

Recently, EMI was invited to attend the Tesla Motors Supplier Day Event in Fremont, California. Only the top 300 suppliers in the world were invited to attend. Of the 300 invitees, 15 received a special recognition award — Experi-Metal is proud to be one of those recipients.

experi-metal-tesla-awardEMI was awarded Tesla’s 2014 “Excellent Development Partner” award. This award was in recognition of EMI’s contributions to Tesla including:

  • Numerous battery enclosure development projects
  • Manufacturing the first 17 Model S Alpha Body-in-Whites and several additional BIW sets of parts for assembly
  • On-going support on an as-needed basis for Right Hand Drive, European (EU) and Dual Motor (D) versions
  • Extensive manufacturing capacity commitment for new products
  • On-site plant level skilled-trades support for product assembly in Fremont, CA

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, demonstrated his appreciation by personally presenting this special award to Gerry King, who proudly represented EMI on this special occasion.


As a leading prototype manufacturer, this is a very special accomplishment that the entire EMI organization takes great pride in. EMI helps clients meet their vision, creates quality products using the latest technologies and has established an efficient work environment benefiting both employees and clients.

Achieving milestones such as the Tesla award is a great way to see firsthand the success of our efforts. These achievements reinforce the effectiveness of our company culture and demonstrate the true talent of EMI employees — making each of us proud to come to work every day.

We love what we do, and we’d be happy to incorporate that love into your company’s project. Contact Experi-Metal to get started.

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