EMI Offers Employees Free Yoga

At Experi-Metal, we know our employees go above and beyond every single day. Well, we think they deserve some time to relax – some free time to relax.

From September 22 to October 27, a free, weekly yoga class was offered in the EMI Showroom for all employees. Though these classes were only available for a limited time, we continue to be committed to the health wellbeing of all our employees.

Yoga is designed to connect your mind and body, creating an overall sense of wellbeing. Studies have shown that yoga provides multiple health benefits in areas including:

  • company culture yogaChronic back pain
  • Depression
  • Strength and balance
  • Relaxation
  • Blood pressure
  • Circulation
  • Immunity
  • Respiratory

The class was suitable for all experience levels – including beginners. Attendees were encouraged to participate at their own ability, as the yoga experience is different for every body.

These classes left employees leaving with peace of mind, an improved level of wellbeing and most importantly…a smile. Thank you to all of those who joined in enhancing our health together.

We’re proud of the culture we’ve established here at EMI. To continue the success of our company culture, we make it a priority to frequently contribute team building and environmental enhancement efforts.

Want to participate in other aspects of the EMI company culture? Check out our website for future employee events.

photo credit: kellinahandbasket via photopin cc