How to Balance Work and Life During the Holidays

Gone are the days where the norm was for men to work and women to maintain the home. Also during that time, before we had the high-tech mobile technology we have now, it was much easier for your day to end once you clocked out. Today, most everyone is caught in the out-of-control spiral of the daily work grind.

So, what happens to this work grind when the holidays come around? We have time off so we can let things slide, right? Businesses don’t just come to a complete halt because of the holidays…and neither does your family.

So, how do you balance work and life during the holidays?

Pre-Plan for the Holiday

We all know when the holidays are, whether you’re prepared for their arrival or not is entirely up to you. Well before the holiday season, perhaps a few weeks or even months, determine the projects that are urgent and those that aren’t. Figure out how many days you have to accomplish those high-priority assignments, set a timeline and stick to it.

All employees and customers should be aware of the company’s holiday schedule. If multiple employees are planning on working on a collaborative project over the holiday, ensure everyone understands each team member’s responsibilities and goals. Also, be sure to set automated responses for your email address and voicemail stating you’ll be out of the office until a specified date.

Appreciate your Familybalance work and life as a parent during the holidays

There are far fewer holidays than there are workdays each year—especially holidays that you actually get time off for. Set goals that you would like to accomplish over the holiday with your family. If you want to bake ten dozen cookies, do it! If you want to want to want to go ice-skating, do it!

Spend time with your spouse, children, grandchildren and other relatives and friends who make you happy. Understand and celebrate the REASON for the SEASON.

Take Care of Yourself

Sometimes all you need is a completely plan-free day. When you’re well rested and relaxed, your mood naturally improves and your energy rises—proving beneficial for both your work and your family.

Use Technology—But Wisely

The positive fact that technology keeps you connected can also be a negative at times. If leaving the office makes you feel disconnected, technology can be a great way to check-in without going in. But, if technology is taking over your life, you need to make changes to assure that you have time for yourself and your family during this special time of year. You are more than just an employee—don’t forget that. Your productivity can actually suffer if you don’t give yourself time to mentally and physically regroup.

Take the time to balance work and life this year, and make this your best season yet. Enjoy your holiday!

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc

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