Tool Machining


High-quality castings poured from our in-house foundry are precision machined on our 10 CNC mills. Forming tools weighing over 30,000 lbs and as large as 8’x19’ can be manufactured without ever leaving our facility. Our Kirksite tooling is efficiently machined to propriety standards which facilities accurate forming processes. Our machining capabilities support tooling for the aerospace, aviation, defense, and automotive industries.


  • (1) Droop & Rein Mill
  • (4) Tarus Mills
  • (2) Chevalier Mills
  • (1) Fil Fresatrici F400 (max envelope of X-157″ Y-98″ Z-48″)
  • (1) Fil Fresatrici F600 (max envelope of X-236″ Y-98″ Z-48″)
  • (1) Fadal (max envelope of X-60″ Y-30″ Z-30″)