Kirksite Material and Casting Process Allows Experi-Metal to Rapidly Manufacturer Prototypes

Why is Experi-Metal able to offer high quality prototypes at low volumes?  Because we embrace the technology of today and tomorrow!  Kirksite tooling is just one process that we utilize to meet the needs of our valued customers.

Kirksite Tooling

Kirksite is a zinc/aluminum alloy that was originally developed within the automotive industry for sheet metal forming tools.   The vapor pressure of the zinc allows the material to be virtually immune to the gas porosity that occurs with other alloy products.  This results in a shrinkage rate that is approximately half that of aluminum, which allows for precise cast mold accuracy and repeatability.  Since Kirksite is machinable and weldable, it allows for design adjustments to be made “on the fly”.

The process for casting Kirksite begins with creating a master pattern that will compensate for shrinkage.  Then a sand impression is taken from this master pattern to create the core and cavity set. After this, the liquid kirksite material is cast into the sand molds using the core and cavity patterns to create raw castings for the tools. After the Kirksite is cast, the sand mold is broken away.  The castings are then cleaned and based prior to getting CNC machined.  After machining the castings are now considered tools and are press ready.

We use this process to develop prototypes for clients in a wide variety of industries.  To learn more about our capabilities, click here.