Safety at Experi-Metal Inc.

At Experi-Metal safety is our first Core Value, and by far the most important aspect of our daily work. By incorporating Safety, whether it be wearing the proper personal protective equipment (i.e. safety glasses, hard hats when operating overhead cranes, gloves, weld jackets, etc.), ensuring that housekeeping is kept up to avoid potential trip hazards, or simply operating hi-lo’s in a safe manner and adhering to posted speed limits, and securing loads properly, we can ensure that our employees are protected from many injuries and accidents.

Experi-Metal Inc. has monthly safety meetings and monthly safety audits throughout the plant completed by Supervisors.  Safety issues are addressed immediately and employees are encouraged to be proactive in bringing concerns up with management for quick resolution.

In addition, all machinery and equipment on the premises are maintained on a regular basis.  This helps to cut down on wear and tear of the machinery and equipment and increases the safety of the operators utilizing it.  If any aspect of the machinery needs repair, our qualified staff and outside contractors are able to fix it and  get it up and running in a timely fashion.

By implementing our Core Values of Safety, employees can count on Experi-Metal Inc. to look out for their safety and well being throughout their work shift.