Experi-metal Inc.

  • Prototype

    We lead as a world class supplier and manufacturer of prototype tooling and metal stampings, trim moldings, specialty items, and sub-assemblies.

  • Aerospace

    We manufacture a variety of products to support the aerospace industry including aircraft engine nacelles, bulkheads, duct sections, pans, closeouts, seals, and seal retainers

  • Military/Defense

    We exceed customer expectations to support the war fighter with quality parts and rapid response. Our services include everything from engineering development samples to production volumes.

  • Commercial Vehicles / Homeland Security

    We work in conjunction with many US based companies to support our nation's need for safety, supplying components and assemblies for heavy duty truck bodies, fire trucks and ambulances.

  • Alternative Energy

    We understand that an energy efficient future is better for everyone and is supporting companies with these goals, in manufacturing, research, and development.


Experi-Metal Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality products delivered on time with the goal of continuous improvement.
Experi-Metal Inc. conducts business from our main campus in Sterling Heights, MI consisting of approximately 233,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse, and administrative space.  All buildings operate as manufacturing facilities with a variety of specialty equipment in each.

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